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This trail guide describes 34 walks in Eastern Crete.

The Guidebook Crete is the result of Peters enthusiasm. He walked through many mountains and gorges with his guests to show the way. Often he moved further away from the civilised world and was high up in the mountains. He was looking for acient paths and passages in the unspoiled nature.

Trail guide Crete

Detailed descriptions.

By chance, he discovered thousands of years old Roman roads and centuries old donkey tracks that were build by farmers or monks in the ancient times are constructed. Detailed maps were needed to find the footpaths. He took the pieces of loose tracks and made circular walks. Self he designed situation drawings and directions. He gave them to his guests. The routes are illustrated with helpful full colour photos. The images are a help to recognise the path. The book is bound in a spiral. You can get the book easy to open without the pages to crease.

Laatste update November the 5th 2017.

The routes are given in hours.

Kilometres do not give proper indication about the effort. The hours in the scedules indicate how long each walk will take. You follow your own tempo. After one walk you know how to interpret the hours in the book.

There are eight short two hour walks. The longer walks are three or four hour walks. There are ten spicy tracks from up to six hours walk. Behind in the book you can find an overview map. You can see where walks are located and how long and how difficult they are. The table gives the details for each walk.

In the book are helpful tips to prepare.

In the book

  • spiral binding.
  • 34 walks.
  • 142 pages.
  • Full color photos.
  • Overview map.
  • Descriptions.
  • Detail sketches.
  • Gps schedules.
  • Nice taverns.
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